In this story, we will use Tab bar without storyboard, if you want to use Tab bar with storyboard. Then, you can check my previous story.

First we have to create a UITabBarController (line no. 2) after that we will create a function to add view controller in tab bar.

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Malware is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system.

Types of Malware

Short for Malicious Software, malware is any code that can be used to steal data, bypass access controls, or cause harm to, or compromise a system. Below are a few common types of malware:

Spyware — This malware is design to track and spy on the user. Spyware often includes…

In this story, we will discuss why we should not UserDefaults to save email, tokens , passwords and other credentials.

Firstly we will try to know real definition or use of UserDefaults and keychain.

A keychain is an encrypted container that holds passwords for multiple applications and secure services. Apple…

What is wkwebview?

“An object that displays interactive web content, such as for an in-app browser.”

In this story, we learn very basic of wkwebview in two parts level 1 and 2.


In level 1 we load a webview and show little how it works.

  1. For this we decalre a wkwebview and wkwebviewConfiguration object.

What is wkwebviewConfiguration?

A WKWebViewConfiguration object provides…

In swift, UIButton is created by two methods, first one is outlet method and second is programmatically.

In this story, we will create a programmatic UIButton and few more things for button i.e. given below.

  1. How to create button Programmatically?
  2. How to set Image in UIButton ?
  3. How to set…

iOS Tab Bar App

In this story we will start with a Single View Application Xcode project.

What we see today.

  1. How to embed view controller in tab bar controller
  2. Selected and Unselected tab color

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —…

Razorpay payement and Verify payment on your server.

SDK: Razorpay Standard SDK 1.2.7
Version: Swift 5.1+

To install razorpay, simply add the following line to your Podfile.

pod 'razorpay-pod'

I was working on one project and for first time i was using razorpay. I go through the razorpay documentation. …

No data available in drive still drive is full.

I have one usb drive, which is empty. But, when i check its info as you can see its capacity is 16gb and available is 1.4gb .

Drive Name - NO NAME

fig1: Showing Drive capacity is 16gb and available is 1.4gb.

1 .Search for disk utility.

Open disk utility.

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